17 Nov, 2017

Relax and enjoy your trip knowing you're prepared "just in case"!

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This insurance product offers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness in Japan and for repatriation to your home country.

Please consider signing up if you want to be prepared for any of the following:

I’m injured but I have no idea which hospital to go to... What will I do if the hospital staff doesn’t speak my language... ?

I’m ill and I’m worried that I’ll get a huge medical bill... ?

I can not connect to the internet

Tokio Marine Nichido offers five services to help you in times like these!

1、Cashless medical service

We will refer you to a suitable hospital if you become injured or ill! Tokio Marine Nichido will pay medical expenses and drug expense directly to the hospital or pharmacy!*1

2、Interpreting via telephone, etc

We will provide medical care with our interpreting service (available in English, Chinese and Korean)! *2

3、Patient repatriation

We offer full support for repatriation to your home or a medical institution in your home country! *3

4、Travel protection

Among the variety of other services we offer are: support if your passport or credit card is lost/stolen; reservations/arrangements for transport between the airport and your hotel; forwarding of messages to family members and other persons overseas; and safety information relevant to your trip.

5、TOKIO OMOTENASHI application

The TOKIO OMOTENASHI application is a smartphone application offering convenient functions such as “Wi-Fi service” and “translation.” *4 (This app may be used for a period of seven days from initial use; the application may not work on certain models of smartphones).

*1 This service enables customers to receive medical treatment without having to pay for medical treatment and medication at the hospital/pharmacy if Tokio Marine Nichido's service provider is contacted in advance and receives authorization from the hospital/pharmacy.

*2 Tokio Marine Nichido’s service provider offers a three-way telephone interpreting service by telephone or videophone that can also be used in restaurants, hotels, etc.

*3 Tokio Marine Nichido's service provider will make transportation arrangements, complete airport procedures, etc.

*4 Please scan the QR code below to log in. (Available in Japan only)

This service is not available for illnesses, injuries or accidents not covered in the overseas insurance policy you have purchased.

The Description of Important Matters are also describe in the principal contingencies for which insurance benefits are payable or not payable.So please ensure you read it closely.

The details of this service are subject to change without notice.

The service may take time to access or may be unavailable.

Coverage Plan

The coverage plan is as follows (the scope of coverage and insurance amount cannot be changed):

Coverage Special provisions on payment of medical treatment/repatriation expenses (for foreign nationals visiting Japan)

Insurance amount 10 million JPY

Sample premiums

Period of insurance


3 days

1,540 JPY

4 days

1,860 JPY

5 days

2,190 JPY

6 days

2,520 JPY

7 days

2,820 JPY

14 days

4,640 JPY

21 days

6,160 JPY

※This page only includes basic product details and information about the insurance. Please look for further purchasing details at the 'Important Notes' section before buying the insurance.
If you have any questions, please consult our customer service.

※The insurance provider is Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.


Creation date:January 22, 2018

Approval number:17-T09900