Teppanyaki in Naha Okinawa SAM'S (Special for Supper: Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g)

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New product

※SAM'S ANCHOR INN in Kokusai street or SAM'S MAUI in Kumoji are optional.

※A specialty store of teppanyaki, where chefs attract tourists’ attention to their expressive cooking skills.

※Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g will satisfy your stomach.

JPY 6,000

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Menu Introduction

Menu Name: Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g (Supper)

Menu Details: Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g , Specially-cooked pottage, Vegetable salad, Vegetable teppanyaki, Rice.


6000 yen/Per Serving/Consumption Tax Included

(One serving for one person; Supper Time: 17:00-24:00)

The expense covers teppanyaki package meal only. If you shall buy additional drinks and beverage, please pay the fee to the restaurant on site.

This product can be booked for either SAM'S ANCHOR INN in Kokusai street or SAM'S MAUI in Kumoji.

Restaurant Introduction

ANCHOR INN Kokusai Street


ANCHOR INN Kokusai Street
Address: 3-3-18 Kumoji Naha

SAM'S MAUI in Kumoji


SAM'S MAUI in Kumoji
Address: No. 58 line Along the National Highway, 2-15-13 Kumoji , Naha

Cancellation Rules

※This product can only be canceled during operation hours and will be extended to the following working day if it is canceled beyond the operation hours like weekends or holidays.

※No fee will be charged if the cancellation made before 11:00 am three days before the reservation(including that very day)

※50% of the original expense will be charged for the loss if the cancellation made before 11:00 am one day before the reservation (including that very day)

※100% of the original expense will be charged after 11:00 am one day before the reservation(including that day).


1. This product doesn’t support altering reservation at the same day. If you shall change the reservation date and dinner time, please contact us before 11:00 am one day before the original reservation date(during the operating hours).

2. The deadline for booking this product is 11:00 one day before.

If you’re over 30 minutes late for the appointed time, we will give the seats to other guests if there is no any explanation from you. Please understand that waiting in a queue may happen if you enter the restaurant afterwards.

4. Please show your reservation information to the staff when you enter the restaurant.

5. If the situation like cancellation, change and emergency happens, please dial to +81-80-9248-8983(International Direct Dialing) or 080-9248-8983(in Japan) to contact.

6. Cancellation and alteration only can be handled in working days. If a cancellation is applied outside of the operating hours(like on weekends or holidays),the procedure will be postponed to the following working day.

7. Please read our [Terms and Conditions of Travel ] carefully before making reservation.

Produre of reservation 

TEL (+81) 080-9248-8983

 [Terms&Conditions of Travel (Outline)]

※All the travel products on this website are Okinawa local travel items operated by OKINAWA TOURIST SERVICE INCORPORATED (OTS, which is registered as No.155 by the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency). OTS will have the final decisions on all innovations, arrangements, combinations, image-text information, prices and operation of said products.

※For all the travel products on this website, a reservation confirmation document will be given to tourists (either a soft or hard copy) after the registration and payment are confirmed; at that point the reservation is considered completed.

※Contract and travel service will be provided by OTS according to the personal information given by the tourist. It is tourist’s obligation to fill in all the information completely and correctly (including but not limited to the full name, gender, ID, nationality, contact information, whether adults or children etc.). OTS does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by wrong personal information provided by tourists.
Tourists’ personal information entered in the reservation process will also be used in the questionnaires and as reference materials for the future layout of the company. OTS promises to use and keep all the personal information in the legal extent, and pledges it will not be used in any way that might cause harm to tourists.

※For all the travel products on this website, OTS accepts only the payment terms agreed upon by both parties.

※The registration fee of all travel products contains the charges marked clearly on the itinerary of OTS travel items. The fee shall vary with contents of different products, but all include the consumption tax and other taxes.

※The registration fee does not include the following items: the additional fee unmarked on the itinerary and the fee for tourist’s personal consumer behavior.

※All travel products are based on the consideration of safety and local actual conditions. Please understand that there exists the possibility of changing the original plan partly or completely or using an alternative solution, even terminating the operation due to the difficulties caused by the bad weather (like typhoon), local mega events, and construction operations etc.

※The following situations are exemption circumstances: OTS has stated that they will not bear the liability for events including but not limited to natural disasters such as typhoon and earthquakes, force majeure including war, relevant service facilities out of run and employees’ strikes, as well as consequences caused by robbery, harm, disease and the tourist's personal intentional or unintentional reasons, or caused by the tourist’s violation of the law or public order or lack of common sense; in short, anything that is not caused by OTS.

※Please understand that for all travel products, in the operations, a delay or order adjustment may occur because of the actual local transportation problems. In the event that a tourist's planned itinerary is affected by the traffic conditions, OTS does not take responsibility.

※The tour guide accountability system is in place from the time the tourists arrive until they depart, and is implemented under the condition that tour guides lead and accompany tourists in whole journey; therefore tourists shall follow the instructions given by the tour guides.

※If a tourist is late for the departure together with the group, and the reason for being late has nothing to do with OTS, the tourist shall go to the next sightseeing place or assembly point and bear the expenses incurred by himself. Expenses already paid will not be refunded.

※Any additional expense result of injury or illness or returning belongings left behind carelessly by the tourists shall be assumed by the tourists themselves.

※For all travel products ,rules like a ban on smoking shall be obeyed during the processing. This ban includes electronic atomized cigarettes or other replacements and is in effect in all vehicles and non-smoking areas. Please do not take any food with pungent odor in vehicles or an enclosed space.

※The disabled, pregnant women, guide dog users, or other people who need special care shall inform OTS in advance. OTS will meet the requirements of these customers to a reasonable extent, based on safety concerns and under the premise of maintaining the coherence and completeness of scheduling. Tourists shall bear the additional fees incurred because of these special requirements. If juveniles join a tour group alone, the guardian may need to submit relevant permission documents.

※All travel products on this website offer consulting services in any relevant languages.

※For the travel products on this website, during the operations, prices may change due to factors which include transportation, catering, tickets and other costs as well as the possibility of a difference in price from that advertised.

※Cancellation fees shall be valid if a confirmed reservation would be canceled. The cancellation fee differs according to the product’s specification. If the products canceled after the travel begins, 100% of the fee will be charged.
The procedures for making reservations, cancellation and altering shall be handled only during operating hours. The procedures for making reservations, cancellation or altering outside of operating hours, will be extended to the next working day.
The cancellation or altering made outside of operating hours will be regarded as the same as a cancellation after the travel begins, 100% of cancellation fee is required. In the case of canceling or altering by a non-instant contact way (like fax or email), the cancellation time will be subject to the time when OTS confirm it with a definite reply. Operation hours: On weekdays: 09:30~18:00, On Saturdays: 09:30~16:00, Sundays and Japanese national holidays:nonworkdays( The above are Japanese local time)

※OTS will terminate the contract if any of the following situations occur, including but not limited to: ①Failure of the tourist to pay the travel expenses according to the contract. ② The tourist is ineligible for the application conditions. ③Any physical condition of the tourist which has an impact on group actions, or other reasons that may lead to an unsuccessful completion of the itinerary.④Other circumstances designated by OTS that can result in termination of the contract.

※Please follow the provisions in Japanese Travel Industry Law and Travel Industry Conditions if the clauses are not found in this Conditions of Travel. Please refer to https://www.otsinfo.co.jp/agreement.html for more details. for more details.

※OTS reserves the right to alter the contents of the travel products on website temporarily without prior notice. Please refer to www.theokinawa.com for more details.

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Teppanyaki in Naha Okinawa SAM'S (Special for Supper: Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g)

Teppanyaki in Naha Okinawa SAM'S (Special for Supper: Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g)

※SAM'S ANCHOR INN in Kokusai street or SAM'S MAUI in Kumoji are optional.

※A specialty store of teppanyaki, where chefs attract tourists’ attention to their expressive cooking skills.

※Japanese Black Wagyu Tenderloin 200g will satisfy your stomach.

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